Safety First

Safety is the foundation stone in our MEATH’s Values and comes at the heart of everything we do at MEATH Build. Our own strict policies, and rigorous procedures, are what set us apart. We work closely with our own external Health & Safety advisers, who are tasked with carrying out site safety checks and also checking our own H&S procedures – we can never be too sure.

We hold regular, dedicated Health and Safety meetings, and take the findings of all our H&S inspections to determine where things can be improved, never taking ‘can’t’ as an answer. Where safety is concerned we will never compromise. All our operatives take part in full inductions before they start on site, and regular Toolbox Talks throughout their time at MEATH.

Our Toolbox Talks are regularly updated and changed to suit the nature of the current work. Our expectations are set out at the onset, and strict reminders and sanctions are given if needed. Where safety is concerned we reiterate that there will be no compromise. We aim for a zero incident approach to our working on site, and all our operatives know this

We equip them with the tools they need to do their job well, and we expect them to take their own, and their colleagues H&S seriously. We work on a Don’t Walk By approach, and encourage all our operatives and staff to share their concerns, knowing that they will be listened to, and any issues will be dealt with and changes made if necessary.

 We are all Team MEATH! Whilst safety on site is paramount, we are also taking a proactive roll in the wellbeing of our staff, looking at ways of adopting initiatives to offer support and training on issues such as stress management and breaking down barriers, which are often overlooked in the construction industry.

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