Fairness and Respect

MEATH Build commits to Fairness, Inclusion and Respect Here at MEATH Build, we believing in valuing everyone for what they bring to our company, whatever their role may be or our relationship with them.

This means listening to all our stakeholders and valuing their opinions or suggestions. We want to be the fresh face of construction, where we have a diverse and inclusive workforce. We’ve moved away from how our MD was treated when he first entered the construction industry.

We expect everyone to be treated fairly, and respected in the work that they do, and valued for their contribution.  We believe that a diverse workforce brings fresh ideas and new ways of thinking and ultimately builds a stronger team. We never want anyone to feel intimidated in any way and we hold regular training workshops and Toolbox Talks to help to put this message across.

We work on a Don’t Walk By approach and encourage anyone to share their concerns with us, in an anonymous way if this helps, and want them to know that we will always take their concerns seriously and act on them appropriately. We are always open to listening to ways that we can improve and become even more inclusive, including looking at the way we recruit new staff or enlist subcontractors and suppliers.

We invite feedback from our stakeholders and clients to help us to improve what we do. These findings form the basis of regular meetings and discussions and are valuable in helping us to move forward. We model respectful and courteous behavior and expect our staff and operatives to follow the same principles in how they interact and work on site. We want our relationships with our neighbours to be positive and to enhance the community.

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