Here at MEATH Build, we understand that a happy, healthy workforce is a productive workforce. We also know that the expectations to deliver can be relentless, and that sometimes we may become so focused on our work that we forget to think about ourselves. This can very quickly lead to burn out, and ultimately problems on site.

#MeathWellbeingWednesday is our own way of encouraging everyone at MEATH Build to remember why they are doing what they do.

Construction sites are busy and potentially dangerous places, so it’s important that our mind is on the job. It’s also important to notice what’s going on around us, and for that we need a clear mind.

#MeathWellbeingWednesday is an opportunity to share ideas of how we can look after our own mental health and keep ourselves ready to Build the Future.

Look out for our posts on social media to find out how we are looking after our own wellbeing.