Our strict policies and procedures make sure that we deliver quality throughout our projects.

We believe we can only get better, and each project is an opportunity to see where we can improve further. We can always learn something new.

There can be no shortcuts on quality, and this applies whether something can be seen or not. Our keen eyed project managers all follow MEATH’s ethos, if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well and the best that it can be done.

Our work is checked at every level, from the operative carrying out the task, from the supervisors and project managers, to our MD who insists on making checks to all our projects. We believe in never taking on too many projects that quality is compromised. Quality will always win over quantity.

Our record of quality control, which is always signed off, confirms that the job is progressing in line with our client’s expectations. We understand the cost implications of having to redo a piece of work, and fully embrace the understanding that a job done well in the first instance saves money and time in the long run. We make sure that checks are taken at regular intervals, with each operative taking pride in their own work, and being rewarded for a job well done.

We want to deliver a project that meets or exceeds our client’s expectations. We make sure that we complete these projects in accordance with the construction drawings and design details, following local bylaws and codes. We also consider other options if we believe a better solution is available to save our clients time or money.

We encourage everyone at MEATH to work towards our standards because we want the good name of our company to speak for itself. We ask our operatives to always ask the question, ‘Would I accept this quality and pay for it myself?’